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SMB hack
Super GE Bros.
Created by GoodElokuva (Suklaa)
Released Under development
Download TBA

Super GE Bros. is a hack created by GoodElokuva (Suklaa). It contains 8 worlds and is currently under development.

Maps (Worlds)Edit

Map 1Edit

See also: Map 1 (Super GE Bros.)

The first world is a normal one with the only underwater level.

Map 2Edit

See also: Map 2 (Super GE Bros.)

The second world is a snowy world with two underground levels.

Map 3Edit

See also: Map 3 (Super GE Bros.)

The third world is a normal-type world with two underground levels (one of them with scenery) and an outside-type castle.

Map 4Edit

See also: Map 4 (Super GE Bros.)

The fourth world is a night-themed world and contains Mushroom Platforms.

Map 5Edit

See also: Map 5 (Super GE Bros.)

The fifth world is a snow night-themed world and contains the castle from World 2.

Map 6Edit

See also: Map 6 (Super GE Bros.)

The sixth world is a normal-type world and contains the castle from World 1.

Map 7Edit

See also: Map 7 (Super GE Bros.)

The seventh world contains levels similiar to levels from previous worlds.

Map 8Edit

See also: Map 8 (Super GE Bros.)

This world is currently under development.

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